Consumer Loan Calculator Gives A Good Indication

With consumer loans, there can be large interest rate differences from one lender to another. You can therefore save some money if you spend some time comparing prices. To make this easier, there are various calculators you can use, either on the lenders’ own websites or through independent finance portals. Such a consumer loan calculator […]

Speedy cash online loans -Check out our cash loans online

In recent times the world economy has had ups and downs. The reason why, the personal finances of many people have been greatly affected, especially in the seasons where important investments must be made. That is why, throughout the year, there are times when for different reasons and reasons immediate online credits are required for […]

Mortgage credit: what interest rate in January 2018?

While the end of the year is conducive to trend analysis and forecasting for the next year, January is traditionally the time to experience the truths outlined a few weeks earlier. In terms of mortgage rates , what can be expected for subscriptions for the best credit rates in 2018? Property rates: back on 2017 […]

How to use the calculator for your home loan

A mortgage calculator can make many calculations necessary for the establishment of a mortgage file. There are various formulas, in particular to know the monthly payments of a mortgage loan, to estimate its remainder to live and its rate of indebtedness or, to make the calculation of a repurchase of credit. For optimal use of […]

The real estate crowdfunding, new investment opportunity in 2016.

In the first half of 2016, 30.2 million euros were collected by real estate crowdfunding platforms in France, according to the latest barometer published. This represents a doubling of the amounts collected in 2015, compared to the 30.7 million euros collected for the whole of 2015. This is explained both by the rampant democratization of […]

How to manage loans – How to manage small loans

This type of small daily loans can be managed as follows:Creating a new account : Friends & Family;Creating a new category called “personal loans”;Creating a budget in the Friends & Family account for the previous category, ie setting an expense limit for the “personal loans” category. When loans are made in cash (as this type […]