Quick Cash Loans Online -Smi-Loan.Com http://www.smi-loan.com/ Sun, 16 Aug 2020 07:48:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5 Credit for two people | Take out a loan now! http://www.smi-loan.com/credit-for-two-people-take-out-a-loan-now/ Tue, 04 Feb 2020 22:29:43 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/credit-for-two-people-take-out-a-loan-now/ When it comes to taking out a loan, an important fact counts for the banks and savings banks in our country – security. Therefore, loans are only granted if the borrower provides sufficient collateral.

But security is not the same as security. And depending on the type of loan and, above all, the amount of the loan, the claims on the collateral to be provided can vary considerably. However, if you opt for a loan for two people, you are definitely on the right side when it comes to collateral. Because two borrowers also means two contacts for the bank, which together reduce the risk of default on the loan. A guarantee that no bank will miss.

Who is responsible for the loan?

Who is responsible for the loan?

If a loan is applied for with two borrowers, both borrowers are always jointly and severally liable. The burden of the credit is thus spread over four shoulders, not just two. Despite all of this, there is a main borrower and a second borrower. The main borrower should always be the person who has the higher and safer income.

Both borrowers must provide detailed self-disclosure for a loan for two borrowers. This self-disclosure includes data about residence, employer, income, expenses and personal information such as name and age. All this rounds off private credit checker’s request, which should always be positive, so as not to put a stone in the way of the loan for two people.

Who is suitable as a second person?

Who is suitable as a second person?

In the case of a loan for two people, it is necessary to look very closely at who is used as the second borrower. This measure only pays off if the second person has a good credit rating.

If a married consumer takes out a loan, the bank will automatically ask whether the spouse also wants to sign the loan agreement. The loan for two people would therefore be possible without any problems. With very young borrowers, parents can also act as second borrowers. In return, the children in the case of older borrowers.

Of course, friends or more distant relatives can also support the loan for two borrowers. The only important thing is that the creditworthiness of the second borrower is appropriate and that the borrower is aware of his task and thus responsibility. Because he is as liable for the loan as the main borrower, the loan is also entered in the private credit checker and only deleted when all debts have been paid off.

When does a loan make sense for two people?

When does a loan make sense for two people?

Whether a loan makes sense for two people always depends on two factors. On the one hand, how good the actual borrower’s credit rating is. If this is very good, simple loans do not necessarily have to be secured with a second person. However, if there are some weaknesses, a second person should be involved in borrowing, if only in the interest of keeping the interest rate as low as possible.

And even large loans with a very long term require a second person to apply. Many banks and savings banks would otherwise not grant such a loan at all. Not even if the main borrower had a good credit rating. The main borrower can change a lot due to the long term. Work is lost, a serious and lengthy illness prevents him from earning money – nobody can predict exactly how life will develop. For this reason, the banks always want a second applicant for large loans, who can step in and take over the installments in an emergency.

Negative repo rate beds for cheap loans http://www.smi-loan.com/negative-repo-rate-beds-for-cheap-loans/ Fri, 29 Nov 2019 06:47:59 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/negative-repo-rate-beds-for-cheap-loans/ Not so long ago, the Ricks Bank had a new meeting to decide what the repo rate would be and the decision was then to set a negative interest rate. This was a historic decision in Sweden. The new repo rate is now -0.10 per cent and is expected to be very low for a good while to come.

A low repo rate paves the way for very cheap loans and when the interest rate is even negative it is difficult to get much cheaper loans. It is especially evident on the mortgage that interest rates are so low. Not because mortgages are necessarily so much cheaper than, for example, private loans, but since this is a very common loan and it is often a large loan, the biggest difference is in the wallet.

Even before, it was obviously very low mortgage rates because we had a very low interest rate level in the country and we had a repo rate that was close to zero and then also at 0% for a while. Now that it has been lowered a little further it does not make any huge difference, but it still causes the banks to lower their interest rates slightly. So it is a good location for those who have a mortgage.


Good location for both variable and fixed interest rates

Good location for both variable and fixed interest rates

If you have a variable interest rate on your mortgage, you can probably continue on the same track without any major danger. The Ricks Bank itself predicts that the interest rate will remain very low until the second half of 2016, and it can probably be conceived that it will not be raised very much either. So you have a pretty secure future in the near future and can enjoy very low interest rates.

The second choice is to tie up their mortgage and it is also a reasonable alternative as the fixed interest rates are really low at the present time. You have the opportunity to tie up your mortgage in the long term, maybe 5 – 10 years, and get a good interest rate that in the future will probably feel really affordable. You may of course pay a little more for your loan right now when the interest rate level is generally at the bottom, but in two, three or four years it can start to pay off seriously.


Several types of loans are getting cheaper but maybe not all

Several types of loans are getting cheaper but maybe not all

Because mortgages are so large, this is also where you see the most difference in your wallet. A mortgage rate of less than 2% gives really low housing costs and then you have plenty of money to save for a buffer and it can also be that you have money to repay on the loans so that they shrink, which is an investment in itself. longer term. However, it is not only mortgages that become cheap but also private loans and other loans.

However, the repo rate is negative, however, probably not really noticed as much on smaller loans, for example private loans on smaller amounts or the so-called SMS loans. Lenders who lend in the form of these loans rarely adjust their loans in the same way in relation to the repo rate. It is conceivable that these lenders have also lowered their prices but do not expect such loans to be particularly much cheaper.


Other aspects of negative interest rate

negative interest rate

The interest rate affects the loans, but it also affects quite a few other things. For example, it affects how much interest we can get in a savings account when we deposit our money. For quite some time it has been difficult to find a good savings account with a reasonable return just because the repo rate has been so low. It doesn’t get any easier now.

Negative repo rate sounds pretty bad, but it will probably not be such a huge difference now from how it was in the fall. In the future, just as before, it will be very difficult to find a good savings account. The big banks basically have zero interest in their accounts, so try to find a better alternative.

A negative repo rate practically means that the banks must pay money in order to have their money deposited with the Swedish central bank, which they obviously do not really like. It is conceivable that they choose to charge this extra cost to us customers by introducing a negative interest rate on savings accounts and payroll accounts etc. It could mean that it costs us money to have money deposited into our accounts with the bank.

Right now, no bank has introduced negative interest rates on their savings accounts, and that’s probably for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is certainly that you do not want to make people upset or scare customers – which could probably do such a thing. If the repo rate is lowered further, it is conceivable that such measures will come, but for the time being, the banks are keeping their skin and waiting.

In order for you to get some return on your money, you should actively look for savings account with a little reasonable interest rate. Unfortunately, right now, interest rates are just a few percent, which is bad. You can look at other options for your savings such as stocks and funds, short-term securities or similar. Think about what you believe in and what suits you and your savings.

Consumer Loan Calculator Gives A Good Indication http://www.smi-loan.com/consumer-loan-calculator-gives-a-good-indication/ Tue, 08 Oct 2019 05:49:38 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/consumer-loan-calculator-gives-a-good-indication/ With consumer loans, there can be large interest rate differences from one lender to another. You can therefore save some money if you spend some time comparing prices. To make this easier, there are various calculators you can use, either on the lenders’ own websites or through independent finance portals.

Such a consumer loan calculator will usually give you an overview of how much you can expect to pay in loan expenses based on the loan amount and repayment period. How much you actually have to pay is calculated individually when you submit a non-binding loan application. The only thing a calculator can do is give you average prices and estimated amounts. On the consumer loan calculator.com you will find a consumer loan calculator that also allows you to indicate your own credit rating.


The company’s best interest rate

interest rate

Most who offer consumer loans online have some type of consumer loan calculator. What you should be aware of with these is that they do not always indicate the effective interest rate or the total cost of borrowing. Financing companies usually prefer to market their best interest rates, and then establishment and termination fees are not necessarily included in the bill. The loan provider is, however, obliged to state the total loan costs, and the effective interest rate, which includes all the fees, is to be found somewhere on the website. But there is no requirement to give concrete examples with a calculator, and in many cases you have to deal with coarser numbers.

You will also find independent websites with their own calculators, which give you the various offers in a clear list so you can compare prices. These calculators have no more specific figures than the loan providers are willing to provide, but you do not have to wonder if the interest rate is nominal or effective. Such summaries also tend to include the total, so you know how much you have to pay back, not just from month to month, but how much you want to have paid out at the end of the payment period.


Collecting small loans?

small loans?

In addition, a consumer loan calculator can be a useful tool if you are considering collecting small loans into a larger loan. Then you can calculate what you pay together in fees and interest on various debt items. It is often money to save on a collateral loan and by spending some time on a calculator you can find out just how much.

By using a consumer loan calculator you can get a good indication of how much a consumer loan will cost you.

Speedy cash online loans -Check out our cash loans online http://www.smi-loan.com/quick-payday-loans-australia/ Thu, 19 Sep 2019 06:07:32 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/online-direct-payday-loan-check-out-our-cash-loans-online-direct-lenders/ In recent times the world economy has had ups and downs. The reason why, the personal finances of many people have been greatly affected, especially in the seasons where important investments must be made. That is why, throughout the year, there are times when for different reasons and reasons immediate online credits are required for these urgent needs.

Nowadays people need an economic way out to pay for those urgent expenses and needs, as well as those unexpected events at the last moment. Therefore, in these times, immediate online loans are an easy, fast and secure option to request money urgently and without major setbacks.

Check out our cash loans online

money cash

The data you provide is kept completely confidential. Anyone can head to the Green Touch site and apply for a cash loan online with us. It is easy to apply for the loan, you just need to fill out the form that is available on the website, through the “Request your credit” button.

You don’t need promissory notes, nor do you need co-debtors to apply for the loan. You must not cancel any value before receiving your loan, any charge is made with your entire credit.

How to apply for an immediate loan? From housewives, independent people, workers to students, can access these microcredits that allow getting out of some last-minute urgency. If you have an emergency or economic desire, for example, complete the money for the university tuition, for books, utensils, to pay any receipt or debt you have; You just need to apply for your credit with Anna Mariestellars.

First, you must meet these requirements: a current bank account and in your name, be of legal age, be a Colombian resident, have an email and cell phone number.

In addition, our differentiating factor is the elimination of the bureaucracy of traditional banking, making use of the internet, as an efficient and fast tool to respond to requests. Our website, has a calculator for the client to apply for the loan according to their needs; also showing the interests and expenses that the person would have.

If you agree with the values ​​of charges and interest that you will pay, as well as the value that you request, you can click on “Request your credit”, there you can register and create your Anna Mariestellars account, to which you will find all the loans you request.

Our company has had a growth of 500% in recent years, having a great reception among Colombians. This shows that the country has great potential in the financial market, where they can provide effective economic solutions to citizens.

Therefore, this is the time to acquire the immediate loans online that Anna Mariestellars offers, so you can pay for those unforeseen events at the last moment, without needing to make long lines and unnecessary paperwork. We are the first company that provides credit and financial service in the country, without the need for the bureaucracy to which Colombians are accustomed.

“Don’t wait any longer to apply for your urgent loans”

money loan

That is why, the immediate loans online, nowadays are indispensable for people, and they have had great reception in the population for their comfort, ease, and speed to request them and pay them. A great advantage that they offer, is that the person can acquire them from the comfort of their home, or in their work since they do not need to move to any physical entity to acquire an urgent credit.

These services allow you to request the money, giving you an answer about the approval of your online application in less than 15 minutes; This is why they are known as urgent loans, since it is a small amount of credit, minimum of $ 140,000, maximum of $ 750,000, which provides urgent solutions when a loan is needed to get out of an economic trouble. It is the ideal and perfect option to get money without going crazy filling out endless forms and making long lines.

Therefore, they are granted by financial entities or lenders that work in a virtual way to meet the need of users to have the money urgently, in many cases the money is transferred to the bank account in maximum 1 day skillful, from the moment it is approved; Hence the name of immediate loans online.

The application process is completely online

Thus avoiding long and uncomfortable queues. In addition, it is not necessary to give explanations of why you are going to request a loan, you simply apply and select the amount you need and in a few minutes, you can receive the approval of your loan.

Anna Mariestellars is an entity that is characterized by providing these types of services to those who need them. Making it possible to acquire them in Colombia, and becoming a totally innovative and different service in the country, since until a few years ago, there was no similar company in the country.

What are the advantages of applying for an immediate credit online with Anna Mariestellars?

It is completely private, nobody will know how much money you ask for, or at what time you request it or what you will use it for.

Mortgage credit: what interest rate in January 2018? http://www.smi-loan.com/mortgage-credit-what-interest-rate-in-january-2018/ Wed, 05 Jun 2019 20:29:54 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/mortgage-credit-what-interest-rate-in-january-2018/ While the end of the year is conducive to trend analysis and forecasting for the next year, January is traditionally the time to experience the truths outlined a few weeks earlier. In terms of mortgage rates , what can be expected for subscriptions for the best credit rates in 2018?

Property rates: back on 2017 and trend for 2018

Property rates: back on 2017 and trend for 2018

Low rate increase in 2017

The lowest real estate rate in history was recorded in October 2016 (1.52% for a loan over 20 years). Since then, the market has increased by a few points to reach 1.75% in June 2017. Then, in the second half of 2017, the rate has come down gradually to close the year around 1.65%.

Moreover, the gap of 0.15 points encountered during the year 2017 leads to few changes for your mortgage. Indeed, on the basis of a loan of 200 000 €, this would affect the monthly payment of 14 € only.

Some stability expected in 2018

Some stability expected in 2018

Continuing Q4 2017 2018 real rates applied in January all tend to fall – and this, regardless of the loan period.

A downward trend in line with the decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB) , announced last October: in order to lighten its support for the European economy and facilitate access to credit in the euro zone, its rate director will remain close to 0% . As a reminder, it is from this rate that banks build theirs: in other words, the lower it is, the more attractive the subscription to a loan.

Not to mention the positive effects of the Bourquin amendment (annual renegotiation of loan insurance) and the decree limiting the domiciliation of income associated with a 10-year credit.

In summary, only the return of inflation could lead to a rise in property rates for 2018.

2018, a favorable context for real estate loans

2018, a favorable context for real estate loans

In the image of the last two years, 2018 looks very favorable to real estate purchases , with its very attractive rates. As a reminder, in December 2015, the average rate was 2.44% for a loan over 20 years, while it averages, on average, 1.62% in January 2018.

Not to mention the renewal of key features, such as the PTZ (up to 138 000 € without interest) and the PINEL law (up to 6000 euros per year of tax savings).

Note that among the best rates obtained during this first month of 2018 is a record rate of 1.18% over 20 years: a result that could translate a greater conciliation of banking organizations vis-à-vis very good records .

In this buoyant environment, do not forget to call on a real estate broker. Beyond its ability to turn this good rate into excellent, its competition will force the partner banks to evolve theirs according to the reality of the market . Without this expert intermediary, they will not be in a hurry to apply this downward trend, which is mainly beneficial to borrowers.

The network of mortgage brokers Good finance – well established throughout the French territory – is at your disposal to assist you in your efforts.

How to use the calculator for your home loan http://www.smi-loan.com/how-to-use-the-calculator-for-your-home-loan/ Wed, 08 May 2019 21:27:44 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/how-to-use-the-calculator-for-your-home-loan/ A mortgage calculator can make many calculations necessary for the establishment of a mortgage file. There are various formulas, in particular to know the monthly payments of a mortgage loan, to estimate its remainder to live and its rate of indebtedness or, to make the calculation of a repurchase of credit. For optimal use of a mortgage calculator, various criteria must be taken into account.

High level of receivables from the business-to-business business

High level of receivables from the business-to-business business

A monthly payment, also called a maturity, is the amount of money the borrower has to pay each month to the lender to repay the loan. It can be found in the depreciation schedule that accompanies the loan offer. Each of these monthly payments includes a share of capital, interest and, most often, insurance. high level of receivables from the business-to-business business by using a mortgage calculator.
The calculation of the monthly installments of a mortgage is essential to know if these are in agreement with your capacities of refund. The mortgage calculator takes into account several criteria, including the amount borrowed, the repayment period and the annual credit rate.
You can try calculating your credit maturities on your own or using an online mortgage calculator. You can find it on many sites, including credit comparators.

Mortgage Calculator for a Depreciable Loan

Mortgage Calculator for a Depreciable Loan

You can carry out the work of a mortgage calculator yourself by using the appropriate mathematical formulas. The calculation of monthly payments is done in several stages. In order to have the amount of each monthly payment, you can use the following formula:
M = (C * i) / (1- (1 / (1 + i) t))
M is the monthly payment, C is the borrowed capital, i is the monthly rate and t is the duration of the loan in months.
To calculate the monthly rate, divide the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) by 12. Similarly, in order to obtain the duration of the loan in months, multiply by 12 the number of years corresponding to the Repayment period. This is the formula that is used in a mortgage calculator.
For example, let us take a real estate loan of 100000 euros, extending over a period of 20 years and with an annual percentage rate of 3%. We have:
The borrowed capital: C = 100,000
The monthly interest rate: i = 3% / 12 = 0.03 / 12 = 0.0025
The repayment term: t = 20 * 12 = 240
The monthly payment: M =
M = (C * i) / (1- (1 / (1 + i) t)) = (100,000 * 0.0025) / (1- (1 / (1 + 0.0025) 240)) = 554 60
In summary, for a loan of 100000 euros over 20 years, with an annual interest rate of 3%, maturities will amount to 554.60 euros. This formula allows you to vary at will the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the repayment period.
You have your own mortgage calculator. This formula applies in the context of a depreciable loan where the borrower repays a portion of the borrowed capital monthly and pays interest to the lender on that amount. You can always check the result obtained through an online mortgage calculator.

Mortgage calculator for a loan in fine

Mortgage calculator for a loan in fine


There is another form of credit, the loan in fine. In this case, the borrower repays the entire amount borrowed at the end of the credit agreement. Some sites offer a mortgage calculator especially for credits in fine.
If we take the example given above, the borrower should repay 100000 euros after 20 years of signing the contract while paying interest in the meantime. In such a situation, the calculation formula is simpler since monthly payments are the interest of the loan. Thus, the formula used in a mortgage calculator is:
In the same example, if the loan is 100000 euros over 20 years, monthly payments will amount to 250 euros.
M = 100,000 * 0.0025 = 250
Here too, a mortgage calculator can allow you to check the result.

Finance your kitchen: how it works for cheap credit http://www.smi-loan.com/finance-your-kitchen-how-it-works-for-cheap-credit/ Sun, 05 May 2019 21:07:13 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/finance-your-kitchen-how-it-works-for-cheap-credit/ The modern kitchen is more than a place where food is prepared. It has become a social place where one likes to stay with family or friends. At the same time, the claims have increased. The equipment must correspond to the state of affairs and in particular the design must fit the personal style. In short: A really nice kitchen has its price.

The right loan can provide relief and make it possible to realize the dream of the perfect kitchen

The right loan can provide relief and make it possible to realize the dream of the perfect kitchen

Given the current cost of a kitchen, it is not surprising that the number of financings has increased. With ease, a kitchen can cost 15,000 euros – it is also possible to easily spend 40,000 euros or more. The right loan can provide relief and make it possible to realize the dream of the perfect kitchen soon.

Pay attention, even if you want to finance a kitchen. Depending on the initial situation, another way leads to the perfect kitchen loan. Today we present the various financing options and explain who they are suitable for.

Finance the kitchen as part of the construction project

Finance the kitchen as part of the construction project

Whether house or apartment, who builds new, has yet to equip its buildings with the appropriate kitchen. It is customary to cover the costs of kitchen and kitchen equipment through the regular construction financing. This saves the addition of an additional loan. At the same time, the kitchen is being financed at particularly low interest rates.

Modernize kitchen – with credit protection by mortgage

Not every kitchen is intended for a new building. On the contrary, most new kitchens are to be used in existing properties. Then it is understandably not possible to accommodate the costs of kitchen construction in mortgage lending. However, a similar path can often be followed.

Who wants to finance his dream kitchen at low interest rates, chooses a loan that is also secured by mortgage on the construction financing. This is also where very low interest rates, which promise a very favorable financing.

Whether the possibility of such a collateral exists, is to be examined individually. It should also be borne in mind that banks only grant loans at a certain loan level. Therefore, it is not always possible to choose this form of financing. Nevertheless, the possibility should be checked, our consultants will be glad to help you.

Finance your kitchen quickly and easily with no land charges

Finance your kitchen quickly and easily with no land charges

If it is not possible to secure by means of a mortgage, or if the amount required for this form of financing is too small, then the classic installment loan can be used. A lot has happened in this environment recently. Many direct banks now offer low-interest loans with free use.

The advantage of such loans is that they are quickly applied for. In the case of a positive credit decision, the amount is quickly available. The repayment period can be selected individually, which makes it easy to control the amount of monthly loan installments. If you compare cleverly, you will finance it at low interest rates – our credit comparison supports this.

Do not finance via the kitchen supplier – take credit yourself

Many kitchen houses and furniture specialists offer even financing. It is surprising how many buyers finance locally. It is cheaper in many cases to go over a installment loan. First, the conditions are often similar or even cheaper. However, it is crucial to offer the seller of the kitchen the possibility of cash payment. Not infrequently, it is then possible to negotiate a handsome discount and thus save a lot of money.

The real estate crowdfunding, new investment opportunity in 2016. http://www.smi-loan.com/the-real-estate-crowdfunding-new-investment-opportunity-in-2016/ Sat, 27 Apr 2019 21:36:50 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/the-real-estate-crowdfunding-new-investment-opportunity-in-2016/ In the first half of 2016, 30.2 million euros were collected by real estate crowdfunding platforms in France, according to the latest barometer published. This represents a doubling of the amounts collected in 2015, compared to the 30.7 million euros collected for the whole of 2015. This is explained both by the rampant democratization of the concept among the general public, but also by the rise of new professional and rigorous platforms on the market. Thus, nearly 10,000 individuals or legal entities have already subscribed to a project financed by crowdfunding real estate since the beginning of 2016 (against just over 11,000 throughout 2015)!

Crowdfunding is always more dynamic, and you are more and more interested in it.

Crowdfunding is always more dynamic, and you are more and more interested in it.

The figures recently published by the Banque de France on French savings show that 386 billion euros remain locked in our current accounts to date and therefore do not serve to finance the economy. Deposits on current accounts remain popular among households, in a context of stagnation at low levels of benchmark and bond investment rates.

Nevertheless, – is this a sign that the French are on the lookout for new investments? – the cash flow of funds deposited on our current accounts increased from 8.3 to 7.3 billion between the first and the second quarter of 2016. At the same time, – another sign? – the French savings rate fell by 0.4% to 14.4% in the first quarter, according to INSEE.

Real estate crowdfunding, to boost your savings and put it at the service of the real economy

Real estate crowdfunding, to boost your savings and put it at the service of the real economy

The year 2016 will be another year of strong growth and democratization with forced march for crowdfunding and especially in real estate. The French individual will this year have the opportunity to finance nearly 150 real estate projects via a crowdfunding site. The most professional and serious platforms (regulated CIP) you reserve beautiful operations that are waiting for your participation to be able to materialize while increasing your savings. Around 60 million euros will be collected in 2016 on real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Short-term investments with annual returns

Short-term investments with annual returns

Real estate construction in France by offering short-term investments with annual returns of 8 to 12%. Projects are selected by an advisory committee, made up of five real estate experts, who analyze and validate only covenants and risk-controlled transactions.

Do not let your money sleep at the bank and try the real estate crowdfunding!

Foreign currency loans: Do not underestimate the risk http://www.smi-loan.com/foreign-currency-loans-do-not-underestimate-the-risk/ Fri, 26 Apr 2019 21:12:47 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/foreign-currency-loans-do-not-underestimate-the-risk/ Real estate financing can be tackled in very different ways. It is not mandatory to go the classic way and to take out an annuity loan at the house bank. The choice of alternatives is huge – and access is becoming easier. This also applies to the inclusion of foreign currency loans, which are now heavily advertised on the Internet.

The advantage of financing in foreign currency may be that lower interest rates are available

The advantage of financing in foreign currency may be that lower interest rates are available

The concept of such financing is simple: the account of the real estate loan is not in euros but in a foreign currency. For the most part, it is based on Swiss francs, but depending on the provider, financing may also be denominated in pounds sterling, US dollars or yen.

The advantage of financing in foreign currency may be that lower interest rates are available and may also provide an opportunity to benefit from currency developments. If the foreign currency depreciates against the euro, the financial burden is reduced.

Foreign currency loans are being intensively advertised again

Foreign currency loans are being intensively advertised again

Currently, foreign currency loans are being intensively advertised again. Above all, the strongly fluctuating euro is responsible for this. Many consultants play with the fear of the customers, the euro could fall apart or lose much value – a foreign currency loan should help here.

But if you are clever, you prefer to opt for such a loan. Because if the euro depreciates sharply, the financing or its financial burden becomes even more expensive.

Foreign currency loans are considered extremely risky

Foreign currency loans are considered extremely risky

In the end, foreign currency loans are considered extremely risky. Although supplementary insurance can provide more security, but they drive the costs in the air. Especially the average consumer, who has to spend a large part of his income to stiffen the financing, should therefore better keep away from it.

How to manage loans – How to manage small loans http://www.smi-loan.com/how-to-manage-loans-how-to-manage-small-loans/ Wed, 24 Apr 2019 21:12:04 +0000 http://www.smi-loan.com/how-to-manage-loans-how-to-manage-small-loans/ This type of small daily loans can be managed as follows:Creating a new account : Friends & Family;Creating a new category called “personal loans”;Creating a budget in the Friends & Family account for the previous category, ie setting an expense limit for the “personal loans” category.

When loans are made in cash (as this type of loans usually is):

When loans are made in cash (as this type of loans usually is):

  • Create a “Portfolio” account transfer (as we suggest here so you can more effectively manage ATM withdrawals) for the “Friends and Family” account;
  • In this account categorize this amount as “personal loans”;
  • Optional: create reminder / write something in the transaction notes.

When the money is returned to you:

When the money is returned to you:

Just do the reverse operation!

  • Transfer the money from the “Friends & Family” account to the “Wallet” account;
  • Identify as revenue;
  • This amount will automatically disappear from the budget created for the category “personal loans”.

What if it’s paid for in cafes?

What if it

Not always the small loans are returned in cash, but rather in the form of the same product or service that paid for someone initially.

In this case:

  • Create a transaction with the cost of coffee / beer, etc. in the “Wallet” account.
  • Delete the transaction with the original amount that the person in question owed you in the “Friends & Family” account or edit it (in case the amount is not settled in full) by subtracting the money from the coffee that was paid by the same person .

There are several ways to manage this type of loan at Edmond Dantès, but this one was suggested to us by a customer during an exchange of emails with our support center and we thought it would be interesting to share with our readers.

We always like to receive your suggestions, so feel free to send us your personal tricks of using Edmond Dantès ! You can do it here in the blog comments or via our customer support center email. We thank! (I.e.
In the meantime, we would also like to suggest reading this article by Doctor Finance on the same subject and entitled “Lend money to family and friends: yes or no?”. Whatever your decision on this matter, do not forget to register everything at Edmond Dantès !