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How to use the calculator for your home loan

A mortgage calculator can make many calculations necessary for the establishment of a mortgage file. There are various formulas, in particular to know the monthly payments of a mortgage loan, to estimate its remainder to live and its rate of indebtedness or, to make the calculation of a repurchase of credit. For optimal use of a mortgage calculator, various criteria…

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The real estate crowdfunding, new investment opportunity in 2016.

In the first half of 2016, 30.2 million euros were collected by real estate crowdfunding platforms in France, according to the latest barometer published. This represents a doubling of the amounts collected in 2015, compared to the 30.7 million euros collected for the whole of 2015. This is explained both by the rampant democratization of the concept among the general…

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Personal Payday Loan and Card

It has a wide range of financial products involving Visa, MasterCard and Elo, Personal Payday Loans, INSS Retirement and Pension Credit, Insurance and Assistance, as well as services and conveniences in partnerships with large companies. With a portfolio of 2 million clients, it operates in an integral way, focused on the quality of service and excellence in solving the needs…

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